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Archive for the 'aracelib108' Category

Ended up!

Posted by spartlow on 11th May 2010

I first went to creative readers,writers and thinkers from there I went to Room8@melvilleintschool and commented on New Zealand and Thailand and about there animals.Last I ended up on Friendshipblogspot  and commented on an awesome model of their school it was a very good model.

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Posted by spartlow on 18th March 2010

I live in Yakima Washington.The evergreen state were called that cause  of all our trees we have here.

Tall Trees

Tall Trees

In Yakima we have so much fruit! We have a lot of crops mostly APPLES!!

Delicous Apples

Delicous Apples

Most people like to go to Seattle Home of the Space Needle and Pikes Place Market were there are fish flying through the air!

Seattle and the Space needle

Seattle and the Space needleWe have great mountains to ski on if you like skiing.We have Mount st.Helen's a pretty big volcano but hasn't blown up for a while.White Pass

Mount St.Helens

Mount St.Helens

These are some cool spots in my home town.  :)

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Posted by spartlow on 5th March 2010

I learned that they used aqueducts as a water system.I had already known about the Colosseum and how huge it is.I think the gladiators were huge.I want to learn how to write all the numerals.

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Ghost Girl

Posted by spartlow on 1st March 2010

Charlotte usher feels invisible at school.With all the kids teasing her and making fun of  her.She lives the typical teenage life.That all changes on the first day of school.All because a gummy bear and a boy.Now she is practically invisible to anyone except for one girl.

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