Visiting Sites

I visited Mrs.Nichol’s U.S.A. class. From there I visited Mimi’s blog(Mimshappy’s blog). I commented on Mimi’s “My Personal Haikus”. I also visited Huzzah Canada. I commented on their human structures.THEY WERE AWSOME!! They made the Eiffel Tower and many other things.They did this to help children learn how to work with others.


This book is about a farm boy looking for an adventure. While Eragon is hunting in the Spine, he comes across a stone. Which is really not a stone ,but an egg. Eragon soon finds out that inside the stone, is a Dragon!!! Eragon soon leaves with only a storyteller named Brom ,who will teach him about Dragons and magic. Will Eragon help the Varden ,or serve there awful king.

Blog Challenge

I first went to Mrs.Daglish’s blog.Then I went to Miss T’s blog.Finally I ended up on Mrs. Thompson’s blog. I commented on Max and Mary. It is a competition where you make a character on the computer and send it to the holders and they will judge it. I think it sounds really cool.

Book Review-Dragon Keeper

Dragon Keeper is the first book in a series about dragons in ancient China. Ping is a young slave who is mistreated by a cruel master. She takes care of all the animals and Imperial dragons at the abandoned Huangling Palace. One dragon dies, and Ping’s cruel master makes it into a pickle. The first dragon, now furious but helpless, kidnaps Ping and flies away with her. Ping learns that his name is Danzi and she has been chosen as his Dragon Keeper. Now she must embark on a peilous journey with him to Ocean. along the way she will find her destiny.

Read the whole series !

Dragon Keeper

Garden of the Purple Dragon

Dragon Moon

The End

The first blog I posted on was creative reader’s, writers, and thinker’s. The reason why posted on there blog was because they tongue twister’s that my mom and me tried out. It was funny because it sounded like we were talking baby talk. The second one that I blogged on was on was the reason why I looked at there blog was because it talked about dragons and I am reading a book called the Eldest. I played a couple of word games on the blog and my mom got made and made me hurry up, maybe i can go back to tomorrow when i get home from school, because i was up past my bed time. The last blog I went on  was called The Riffle Effect. It had cool pictures of stuff and the ocean. I read this one blog that had talked about numbers and I wrote do those numbers even exist because they were huge and I never even saw them before. Well that’s all. Bye:)